On Gold Mountain by Lisa See Essay

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Can you imagine moving to a different country and trying to raise a family in a country that is not your homeland? Many people make this decision on a daily basis. However, which traditions and values would you choose to teach your children? Would you teach your children their homeland traditions or their new country traditions? In the book, On Gold Mountain by Lisa See, Fong See struggled in being accepted publicly as a member of American Society and he also struggled with trying to keep his Chinese traditions and values with his families. In his second marriage, he succeeded in being accepted by the American society, but was not as successful with his Chinese traditions. However, in his third marriage, he was successful in maintaining …show more content…
For example, they celebrated Thanksgiving, but Letticie made sure to add special ingredients like water chestnuts and fresh ginger to the certain meal items. The See’s celebrated Chinese New Year with firecrackers and Chinese rituals. By this example, you can see that Letticie did put some effort into helping Fong See keep his Chinese traditions alive, however it seems that she was the one in the end who had the final say in just how much Chinese traditions Fong See was able to teach his children. This also proves how Fong See was unsuccessful in maintaining his Chinese traditions with his family. In his business life, Fong See was very successful and he dressed like a business man in his three pieces tailored suits like most successful American business men did. Both he and Letticie had an eye for Chinese antiques. He sold antiques to American people and even rented out pieces of Chinese furniture to film studios for movies. His antiques is what made him wealthy and in return he was accepted by American society. American’s accepting a non-American into their society was unheard of at that time, however because Fong See became wealthy, he used that to his advantage. The things he did in business and publically was all done, so that American society would accept him and embrace him as if he was one of their own. Fong See would make trips to China to buy Chinese
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