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A. Background The job training is an obligatory subject for all seventh semester students in English Department, Faculty of Letters and Fine Arts. They must fulfill 100 hours or about one month to do job training in the chosen institution or company. The job training program is an activity done by the students to get experiences in subjects in the real work world. The job training which is done by students in a company or an institution should be the in line with the mainstream chosen by the student. There are four mainstreams in the English Department of Sebelas Maret University; they are translation, linguistic, literature and american Study. As the student of regular program of English Department, the
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3. The Vision, Mission, and Motto of RRI

Pict. Logo of RRI RRI has a vision as a public broadcasting institution which is independent, neutral, and professional. RRI keeps its pace by doing their mission. Radio Republic Indonesia has its missions, they are: giving and serving information, education, and entertainment to all Indonesian people, being an effort to make the Indonesian people smarter and also to build the informative society, strengthening the unity among others, and Developing Indonesian’s identity and culture.

4. Location of RRI Surakarta RRI Solo is located at Abdul Rahman Saleh street number 51 Solo

Like other companies, RRI also has an organization structure to run its works well. There are five divisions in RRI, they are: broadcasting division, news division, administration and finance division, technology division, and service and work developing division. Broadcasting division has three sub divisions; they are planning and evaluating program sub division, progama 1 sub division, and programa 2 sub division. The duties of planning and evaluating program sub division are planning and evaluating program which aired in radio station both programa 1 and programa 2. Then, the duty of programa 1 sub division is broadcasting cultural and educational programs. The duty of programa 2 sub division is broadcasting musical and
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