Diligence In On Liberal And Vocational Studies

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Diligence is a virtue described as an individual who uses careful nature in one’s actions, works, work ethic, and persistence to reach a goal and not give up. This individual will also uphold their convictions at all times especially when no one else s watching. There are many instances where diligence is showcased examples include Seneca’s, “On Liberal and Vocational Studies” as well as in the German microbiologist Paul Ehrlich. By looking at the work of Seneca and Paul Ehrlich they both demonstrate the virtue of diligence. Diligence can first be seen in Seneca’s, “On Liberal and Vocational Studies” in this work Seneca argues that what one gains from a liberal arts education is that this type of education prepares the heart for virtue. This…show more content…
He uses the works of Homer’s Odyssey to demonstrate that by studying poetry, “By the examples of Ulysses, how I am to love my country, my wife, my father, and how even after suffering shipwreck I am to sail toward these ends.” (Seneca 24). In this quote a liberal arts education is teaching an individual how to love everyone even in the midst of hardship. Diligence has to be incorporated in this in order to accomplish the goal. An individual has to have the diligence to understand the poetry and how to relate it to their own actions. The individual also has to use diligence to actually accomplish the goals of loving their country, wife, and father during times of…show more content…
As a scientist Ehrlich constantly tried through many experiments to come up with the treatment we now know as chemotherapy. Ehrlich was looking for, “A magic bullet, this bullet would kill a bacteria or virus without causing harm to a host cell, which is the individual being affected by the disease.”(Robert Bauman 18). In order to find this “magic bullet” Ehrlich had to have patience but most importantly what he had to have was diligence. Eventually Ehrlich was able to find something “Compound 606 which is an arsenic containing compound that was very toxic but later it was modified in order to be used to treat Syphilis.” (Bauman 38). Ehrlich was eventually able to find a “magic bullet” but in order to find one it took him six hundred and five tries. During this process of finding a chemotherapeutic agent Ehrlich must have had a hard time continuing on his discovery. Ehrlich needed a lot of diligence in order to find what he was looking for. If Ehrlich ever gave up then we wouldn’t have chemotherapy available for us today, which would of resulted in the demise of many individuals in our society. Ehrlich truly demonstrates having the virtue of diligence because he persisted and kept fighting to find a cure and by his actions of diligence many individuals in our society have been able to live longer lives due to his discovery of chemotherapeutic
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