On-Line Teaching vs Traditional Teaching

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Traditional Teaching vs Online Teaching Nowadays, education becomes one of the important things in human life. Most of the individual in the earth is aware to obtain the education. Besides that, every country always concern on developing the quality of the education to improve the human resources. If the quality of human resources of a country is good, indeed, the quality of that country will be good too. As the matter of fact, we cannot deny that the improvement of technology really influence the education itself. Last time, before the advance of technology, the implementation of education system is still traditional. But, it is different nowadays. The implementation of the education is not only traditional but also online. In…show more content…
Regarding studying, it is based on various sources of information including web data banks and net-experts. Hence, each learner will get more of an equal standing than in a face-to-face discussion ( Rashty, (n.d.)) . Moreover, there is more reliance on written communication than live, oral communication. As we know, teaching online is not “face-to-face real”, so students will really open up themselves by making mistakes without feeling silly and give full attention into everything. As online teaching need to be more focused, teachers can work on the areas that need the most attention when working with students (Zavitz, 2011) . Other than that, there is a lot of flexibility in learning online. For instance, for students who are pretty busy all the time, if they want to schedule a class, every time their schedule allows for it. Some of the students even email the teacher when they want a lesson as they are more of a “drop in” type learner (Zavitz, 2011). Furthermore traditional teaching will be more expensive if the students who attend the school which implemented traditional education will spend much more money. If their house is not near from their school, they will spend their money for buying gasoline for their private transportation. It will be the same if they do not have any private transportation because they have to pay public transportation to go to school. Moreover, if the distance
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