On March Twenty-Second, The California State University

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On March twenty-second, the California State University system’s Board of Trustees voted yes to a tuition increase (Xia). Up until the morning before this decision arose, several California State University students were advocating for free tuition, or at least to stop this tuition increase, from Cal State Fullerton having postcards that can be signed to be sent to the Board of Trustees to students protesting in front of the Chancellor’s office in Long Beach, students in this system statewide argued for free tuition (Xia). Although this battle was a lost for us, the students, this is certainly not the last you will hear from the us. Arguably, there are several factors as to why this idea of free state college tuition rose to popularity,…show more content…
Only four students went straight to the workforce, when a century ago, this was not the case. With students now consistently going straight to college after high school, state universities should be free to state residents since we have public high schools. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, students who attend high school in Kalamazoo starting in ninth grade, can have from sixty-five to one hundred percent of their tuition covered (Teicher). This is known as “The Promise.” The Promise guarantees any student from Kalamazoo a scholarship that pays either a majority or all of their tuition (Teicher). This scholarship can be used for any state school, fifteen private schools, and other state schools around the United States that are less than the highest tuition in Michigan (Teicher). Since The Promise’s first wave of scholarships, there has been definite improvements in college attendance. For black students, there has been a three percent rise in college attendance and overall forty-eight percent of scholarship recipients graduate college (Teicher). While this has shown an impact, there certainly are other factors that lead to the fifty-two percent that do not graduate, such as not being taught time management, academic skills, or how to take advantage of their sources (Teicher). Despite this fallback, “The Promise” has definitely started an era of higher college graduation rates and those who lack financial support a method of
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