On Mother-Daughter Relationship in the Women Warrior

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On Mother-daughter relationship in The Woman Warrior 1 Brief introduction of Chinese-American literature in United States(the special focus on mother-daughter relationship in the Chinese-American women writings) From the nineteenth century, Chinese-American literature has been discriminated by the American literature canon. Most early Chinese American works tended to cater for the taste of the white readership. The situation changed till the later half of the twentieth century when the Civil Rights Movement took place in the United States, during which more Chinese writers emerged on the literary stage and the mainstream of American society began to pay more attention to the Chinese-American literature. The 1980s and 1990s…show more content…
The Woman Warrior has been reported by the Modern Language Association as the most commonly taught text in modern university education, used in disciplines that include American literature, anthropology, Asian studies, composition, education, psychology, sociology, and women 's studies. Though widely praised by critics, including winning the 1976 National Book Critics Circle Award, the book has been criticized by fellow Chinese American author Frank Chin as perpetuating racist stereotypes. The thesis falls into four chapters. Chapter One offers an overall view of the novel, introducing the main idea of The Women warrior. Chapter Two focuses on analyzing the relationship between mother Bell and daughter Ruby in details in this novel. In this chapter, a brief introduction of Chinese-American literature in United States will be first given. Then further exploration of mother]s and daughter¡¯s bond and Ruby¡¯s special lesbian love toward her mother Bell will be outlines by analysis as well as examples. In addition, since mutual understanding between mothers and daughters could not be reached, some basic reasons of their misunderstandings will also be offered. Chapter Three will explore the mother-daughter relationship much deeper than the former chapter and try to find the reasons accounting for Ruby¡¯s failure of rescuing her mother. It deals with the layer of silence imposed on Chinese American women. This chapter is designed to show the fact that
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