On On Dumpster Diving. In America, While Homelessness And

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On On Dumpster Diving In America, while homelessness and poverty runs rampant, while war veterans and Phds find themselves on the streets, while the price of living and the ability to find food for America’s poorest grows ever more difficult, we, as a culture, still look upon practices like dumpster diving as disgusting and believe them to be only practiced by the lowest and most uneducated of American society. This is no longer a practical image of the practice or the people behind it. As poverty is ever prevalent in the United States, many are forced to find food outside of conventional needs, especially in a culture that exceedingly devalues assistance to the poor. Simultaneously, with rampant consumerism and our propensity to throw…show more content…
Through an understanding of the needs of the audience, practical information and anecdotes, and philosophical discussion, Eighner brings enlightenment from the bottom up. One of Eighner’s biggest advantages in this essay is an acute understanding of the preconceptions and bad reputation around “dumpster diving” -and the people who do it- and the needs of the audience in order to take him, and his story, seriously. Because, as a culture, we perceive the homeless, and by extension, those who dumpster dive, as filthy, uneducated, and simple, it is vital for Eighner to present himself as well educated, even intellectual. He does this right from the beginning by revealing some of his own backstory. He tells of his early interest in dumpsters and how he approached the subject by writing to Merriam-Webster to better understand the origins of the word “dumpster”. This shows Eighner’s intellectual approach to the subject, building his credibility as an intelligent person. It also shows the seriousness that Eighner grants to dumpster diving, he allows the audience to understand the issue first, through rather cold, intellectual eyes, before having to look at the messy reality. Eighner does something very similar when he discusses the various names for dumpster diving. This again enhances the understanding of what he prefers to cal “scavenging” by

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