On Pale Green Walls

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On Pale Green Walls Growing up in a safe home with sweet and supportive parents is vital for your life as an adult. On Pale Green Walls is a short store written by Clare Wigfall and it explores some important aspects of growing up. It explores the curiosity of a child and the relationship between adult and child. For example the importance of a good relationship between your parents, and the misunderstandings and disappointments if you do not. The main character in this short story, Violet, is forced to realise this at a very early age. The story starts in media res, at Christmas day. It is about a mute girl called Violet who lives in a very religious home with her parents. She begins to see Virgin Mary everywhere and gets jealous at…show more content…
I think the main theme in this story is the relationship between kids and their parents. The embryo Violet finds can be compared to her own relationship with her mother. Violet wants to take care of it, like she wants her mother to take care of her. Violet is an innocent child, and does not know what she is doing are wrong. First time she sees Virgin Mary, she is lighten up by candles, which symbolizes hope. Next time she goes to the church, there is no candles lit, which could symbolize that the hope is gone. Instead, she sees a faded painting on the pale green wall. The painting shows black tribesmen, and the white people. Violet feels like the tribesmen, as if she does not fit in and look like the white. Also at the end were Violet eats the piece of newspaper, the painting smashes to the ground. It symbolizes that she cannot be converted the same way as the tribesmen could. Understanding parents is very important for your childhood. We have sympathy for Violet, because we can see, that’s she is being misunderstood. There is a big difference between being a child and a grown up. You see the world from two different perspectives. They need to test their limits and find out what is right and wrong. Her parents seems to be pretty clueless about that period in her
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