On Saturday February 18Th, I Visited World Cafe Live In

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On Saturday February 18th, I visited World Cafe Live in Philadelphia with Matt Gregar. It would be an understatement to say that the experience was interesting. We decided to leave at 3:15 p.m. since the venue was estimated to be only about half an hour away from our departure point, and we wanted to arrive just before the 4 p.m. call time. Unfortunately for us, something happened in center city that caused a major road to close. We sat in traffic for almost two hours before arriving just after five o’clock. When we arrived we met James, the engineer for the upstairs venue that night. He informed us that the act brought their own engineer, and that after he finished helping them set up what they needed, he would show us around. We …show more content…

Before entering the venue, we spent about ten minutes with James. In that time he answered our questions and gave us some advice about the live sound industry. His biggest tip on starting out was to find a church looking for an engineer, and that running sound at a church would be a great opportunity to craft our skills without facing as much pressure as working at a venue. After talking to him, he brought us into the downstairs venue and introduced us to Jorgan, the engineer downstairs for the night. Sound check was just about finished when we finally got in the downstairs venue, so I do not have much to say about it aside from the fact that it seemed as if it went much smoother than what was going on upstairs. After the soundcheck Jorgan asked us if we wanted to learn a trick of the trade. Of course we did, so he gave me some gaff tape and told me to tape one of the sound panels on the back wall of the stage at a very specific point. Afterward, he told us that it was a marker to tell him how low to lower the projector’s screen, since he was also running video that night. The downstairs venue was hosting Johnny Goodtimes’ yearly Quizzo Bowl. He ran it, and a Beatles cover band called, The Newspaper Taxis, played three sets of Beatles songs in between rounds. They were also featured in the event’s music round. From what I could tell it looked like the entire setup was rigged with sm57s and sm58s, including

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