On Self Respect By Joan Didion Analysis

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Literature is everywhere. Because it’s global and timeless, its a transcript of history and the portrayal of human emotions. We acquire knowledge from it, reflect on it, and eventually, society depends on it. Look around; the most cultured and modern nations owe their development to literature. Consequently, these serve as stencils to third world countries, on the look-out for a future as profitable as those of contemporary success. However, the common people living under regimes, often don’t have access to literature circulating around the rest of the world. These repressed nations are subject of underdevelopment, since the government would rather blind its people than allow them to pop the bubble that is their current status. On a lower scale, literature can have an impact on anyone’s individuality. It often speaks to our minds with such accuracy that it facilitates the articulation of our thoughts. Literature has taught everyone a lesson, or maybe pointed to a different direction that one might have been oblivious to otherwise. Slowly, literature shapes our perspective and personality; since with every contribution of knowledge we learn a little more about ourselves and the world we live in. Literature is all about interpretation. Depending on it’s audience it can have…show more content…
As I read through these essays, her honest tone and wonderful rhetoric got me under her spell. Her writing has made me realize we’re not alone in this world; as I can now share my struggles not only with her, but with thousands of readers. I love her writing style, since she scatters metaphors, personifications and allusions throughout her essays. Beautifully, she links fragments on culture and history to her message. As she recollects her personal experiences, she appeals to the reader’s emotions making her writing relatable; just a human speaking to another about a topic we believe is
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