On Site Visit to Human Services

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Introduction: I visited The Centers of Marion County Mental Health, which is a facility that treats mental health patients as well as patients that need detoxification services. The facility has both in-patient and out-patient programs that counsel and treat both adults and children that deal with mental health diagnosis such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression, and much more. The mission of the centers is to “offer a wide variety of behavioral health care services designed to help people of all ages reach their highest level of functioning.” (The Centers Web Site) Services Acute Care Services The facility offers acute care services. The acute care ward includes 24 hour assessment…show more content…
All of these services emphasize positive family interactions and the development of health parent/child relationships. Adult Services for the Mentally Ill and Substance Abuse Services for Adults: For the mentally ill is a variety of services designed to assist in developing independent living and life skills. These services include providing a personal “life coach” where needed, case management and medication treatment. One of the favored services is the facility helps many mentally challenged individuals obtain employment as well as provides supported housing and supervised apartments for those who qualify. Outpatient substance abuse individualized as well as family counseling for domestic violence, alcohol abuse, HIV counseling, and prevention services. These services are either outpatient or there are also residential treatment services where needed. Summation of Theory Most Used: Nurse Cains reports that although they use several types of theories or models of helping that are unique to each individual circumstance, the theory most used are cognitive theories. These theories attempt to explain human behavior by understanding the thought process. (Walker, 2009). Nurse Cains reiterates implies that people’s actions are simply a
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