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Two Authors: same struggle In the short stories, “On Stuttering,” by Edward Hoagland, and “Me Talk Pretty,” by David Sedaris, the authors discuss how they dealt with their speech impediments. They wrote about the way they handled their difficulties with speech, the different strategies they used, and how their limitations affected how they felt about themselves. Although the two author’s handicaps were not identical, they both used similar approaches to overcome them. After 60 years of stuttering, Hoagland reminisces about his struggles and triumphs to overcome his stuttering. While attending school, he learned that, “Life can become a matter of measuring the importance of anything you have to say.” He felt that it was…show more content…
After losing his sight for a short period of time, he realized that stuttering was just a lesser difficulty of life. If he wanted to survive he would be forced to speak. It is at this point he realizes that he can speak without stuttering when he is forced to and he comes to terms that we all run into to obstacles we must overcome. Sedaris too struggles with a speech impediment. Although his handicap was not stuttering, he too finds it easier not to speak unless absolutely necessary. After moving to Paris, Sedaris returns to school where he must speak and understand French fluently. Unfortunately, he is anything but fluent. Sedaris knew that he would be expected to perform. On his first day of school the teacher asked, “has everyone apzkiubjxow?” “Who knows the alphabet?” With this the students began introducing themselves alphabetically. The Two Polish Annas go first. The first Anna worked as a seamstress and hated the mosquito. The teacher replied, “I thought everyone loved the mosquito.” As the teacher continued to ridicule the other students, Sedaris tries to think of an answer to what had become a trick question. Next it was the Yugoslavian girls turn. She was accused of master-minding a program of genocide. When it was Sedaris’ turn, he made the critical mistake of assigning the wrong gender to both the typewriter and the floor waxer. His teacher continues to belittle the students one by one.
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