On The 21St Of March, The Supreme Court Heard The Case

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On the 21st of March, the Supreme Court heard the case Microsoft Corp v. Baker, a case that deals with whether a federal court of appeals has the jurisdiction to review a class action law suit after the plaintiffs have dismissed their claims. Although this case will not be decided for many months, the Justice’s stance was clear. The questions they asked and the rhetoric they used all pointed towards the plaintiffs. This experience was fascinating. How the Justices presented themselves, the seriousness of the climate, and the rules and regulates that follow the court, all added to my experience and spoke to the many themes within the criminal justice system. As with most things that come with the United States Government, the Supreme Court…show more content…
Soon the Court Marshall announced the Justices arrival, having everyone stand. Upon their arrival, the traditional chant was spoken to introduce the Chief Justice and the Assistant Justices. Once the justices took their seats and the attorneys introduced themselves, the oral argument began. As the hearing went on, and the Justices asked their questions, it became clear what stance the Justices have taken. Beyond an overwhelming sense of secrecy, there is an immense feeling of importance the institution gives off. Large, decoratively carved Greco-Roman marble walls, floors, and pillars covered the building. This style of architecture reflects the seriousness, intellectualism, and importance the building gives off. Essentially, it helps add to the institutions credibility. In the front of the building there stands two statues; one depicting Contemplation of Justice, and the other depicting the Authority of Law. The first statue features a strong and powerful looking woman sitting in a grand marble thrown with the book of law underneath her left arm and a blindfolded lady justice in gripped in her right hand. The woman in the chair isn’t just a woman, but a symbol of intelligence, heroism, and beauty that the law requires. A blindfolded lady justice speaks volumes to how justice, law, and order should be insulated from outside influences, and that only the truth should be seen. While, the book of

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