On The Amtrak From Boston To New York City By Sherman Alexie

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Kevin Fernandez Professor Atik ENG 102 30 September 2017 Essay # 1 Rough Draft As time progresses, people have felt separated from the real world. The real world doesn’t give some a chance to present themselves. They are looked at based on their ethnicity, race, surroundings, etc. They are judged based on these features and it just makes them feel like they don’t belong anywhere and that nobody accepts their presence. There are people, including myself, that have experience with the feeling of displacement. The poem, “On the Amtrak from Boston to New York City” by Sherman Alexie, the Dis/Location (Fort Tryon) dance performance and my own “out of place” experience all connects to why social disapproval is a highly discussed topic.…show more content…
They basically made it look like the Native Americans’ settlements were never a thing. After viewing these landmarks, the narrator feels he doesn’t belong anywhere or doesn’t feel accepted. According to lines 14-17, “…there are five Walden Ponds on my little reservation out West and at least a hundred more surrounding Spokane, the city I pretended to call my home”. The narrator feels he doesn’t belong anywhere. So, he pretends to call the city of Spokane his home because that’s where he feels he should belong and is comfortable with that title. The dance performance, Dis/Location (Fort Tryon) also relates to the topic of displacement. The dance performance, Dis/Location (Fort Tryon) was performed in Washington Heights at Fort Tryon Park. As you can see, the performance is based on the location. This performance had four scenes to it. The dance was mainly describing how a person would feel when they aren’t accepted and what that person goes through as an individual. During the first scene, there is a part where all the dancers are in the bags and a male dancer and attempts to snatch away the bags. The dancers then realize his goal and roll away. As they roll away, the music gets louder and faster at a very upbeat tune. As they roll away, many try to hold on to the bag. Some manage to free themselves but others remain holding on to their bag. The male snatching away the bags is meant to represent society pushing you away. The bag that

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