On The Fear Of Death By Elizabeth Kubler Ross

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On the Fear of Death
There is a huge difference between Death and Dying. Death is the end of life while dying is the process in which your death, also including the choices and actions involved in that process. In “On the Fear of Death,” by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, she describes the different aspects of dying, the final days of individuals who are terminally ill, the grieving process, and how children are treated during the time of death. Kübler-Ross describes death and why society is apt to be afraid of it. The dissimilitude in “old-fashioned” death and “modern” final days are presented. Sometimes one has to consider the circumstances surrounding the end of life.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross provides the first glimpse at the true feelings and experiences of people in the process of dying. Written in 1969, Kubler-Ross uses material gathered from her many seminars and interviews with terminally ill hospital patients and in a groundbreaking gesture, suggests to the reader that instead of ignoring, avoiding or isolating the dying patient, it is important to understand the stages of grief and to allow the patient to talk openly and honestly about his situation. Kubler-Ross describes the increase in modern humanity 's fear of death with the rise of technology and medical science. Although many individuals are able to prolong their lives as never before, it has contributed to multiple emotional problems and inability to cope with the prospect of death. Individuals associate death with a
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