On The Haven Of Oakland Website Essay

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On the HAVEN of Oakland website ( under the “What We Do” tab it goes on to explain that their mission is “To elimate sexual assault and domestic violence and to empower surviovers through advocay and social change in and around Oakland county” (CITE) HAVEN of Oakland is a non-profit organization meant to better the community and make everyone; all age ranges aware of the impact domestic violence has on all of us. HAVEN provides shelter, counseling, advocacy, and educational programming for no charge to the survivors and citizens of Oakland county. The website is very informative, well organized, has visuals on every page, and is extremely easy to get involved which has a very positive effect on the HAVEN organization. First, everything one could want to know about the organization is on this website, including success stories, supporter stories, and a map and directions to their new facility. Furthermore, from the Homepage scroll down slightly there is a link for the success stories from past survivors. The first success story is from Lynn who thanks the HAVEN of Oakland for helping her rebuild her life, and providing her a safe place to go after leaving her abuser. At the end of her success story there is an option to continue looking through more success stories which is very useful for those debating on going to HAVEN for help. In addition to stories on their website they also have Supporter Stories where donors tell why they were
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