On The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin

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Randall Fuller, the author of The Book That Changed America How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation that explains the initial reaction of Charles Darwin’s book On The Origin of Species. Darwin’s book was used for anti-slavery activist to prove that all humans are biologically related. Asa Gray sent Charles Loring Brace a copy of “his heavily annotated book” (Fuller, pg. ix), Darwin’s book On The Origin of Species. Brace introduced the book to other phenomenal thinkers, such as Henry Thoreau. Overall, Fuller wrote this book as “a biography of the single most important idea of the nineteenth century” (Fuller, pg. x).

Asa Gray,a Fisher Professor of Natural History, sent his copy of Darwin’s book to Charles Loring Brace. “Gray was almost
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Emerson admired Thoreau knowledge of nature practicality. Both were adamant when it came to the topic of slavery, but Thoreau was “more extreme in his response to slavery” (Fuller, pg. 69). Thoreau was a very passionate abolitionist, who began a new career in nature. From Darwin’s previous book The Voyage of the Beagle. The Voyage influence to Thoreau to travel and invest in nature. But once Thoreau read Origin He took notes and was lost within the book. “Books can change a life… Books can also change the world” (Fuller,…show more content…
Asa Gray sent Charles Brace his copy of Charles Darwin’s book The Origin of the Species, which Brace brought to a small gathering on the night of the first day of 1860’s New Year. At that gathering astounding thinkers were there who became affected by Darwin’s theory. Darwin’s book changed not just one person’s life but started a new revolution of thinking. Sanborn, Alcott, Brace, and Thoreau left that get-together with a new view in life. Thoreau was the most affected by Darwin’s book, which led him to start his own research in nature. Darwin gave Thoreau so much insight, that “we will never know how far Thoreau might have absorbed and extended Darwin’s theory” (Fuller, pg. 247). Without Brace bringing his copy of The Origin of the Species to the gathering Thoreau would have missed an extraordinary theory that would help his cause to end slavery and started his interest in
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