On The Run: A Short Story

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On The Run I am running. The sky is dark, or as dark as it gets at 4:20 in the morning. It's about 30 degrees outside and i’m wearing mint green pajama shorts with smiling pigs all over, a tank top and ankle socks with a whole in the right toe. My heart is panicking. My lungs are closing, I am gasping for any air that will graciously enter. Running is my favorite passed time but I wouldn't exactly say I am enjoying it right now. My thoughts shifted, “everything is going to be okay,” it murmured. My mind’s racing from one idea to another. The sun is breaking it’s way through the clouds. Alarms are beginning ring in the ears of the unknown. If only they knew what is happening to me, he's getting closer, but I refuse for him to get close.…show more content…
“How long can he make it?”, my mind wondered. I am trained for this, 10 miles my body can withstand. ”Marie, I am going to catch you!” he yelled anxiously. My Legs are moving faster than they ever have before. My legs are burning, as I looked down I imagined steam releasing from them. Six Miles left; my lungs believe they will make it. My tongue is pulsating, and my mouth is watering, ‘How did he find me? What does he want from me?’ my mind questions frantically. Cattle are waking up, roosters are singing their morning song, but no signs of humans. If I stop at the nearest house, I will not be the only one in danger.” I…show more content…
My pace begins to slow down as I can’t seem to control my legs any longer. My knees are buckling. But my life is on the line. If my body won’t make it hopefully my heart will push it too. I use every ounce of air I have left to scream for help. It’s now 6:00 am, and at this point people are now heading to work. I am longing for a car to head my way. Last mile, I can do this. Tears roll down my face and all I want is to be safe. “Help! He”s coming for me!”, I scream hoping for any on to hear. I begin to ball yet no tears seem to come out. I scream again, but this time I scream “call 911” over and over again. At this point I don’t think I will make it to the police station. I am getting dizzy and seeing double and I can barely moving. Moments pass, and I start to hear a ringing in my ear, as I look up I see red and blue light in the distance. I drop to the ground as I know that I am safe. The police approach, but I am no longer able to speak. I point at the man off into the distance. They charge towards him, as he runs away in fear, his body drops to the ground and they handcuff him. Although he fights back he does not exceed. At that moment all my worries release from my body. My heart relaxes, my mind goes blank. I am safe
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