On The Second Of March, I Attended A Classical Music Concert

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On the second of March, I attended a Classical music concert at the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles Pierce College. The Pierce College afternoon concerts are sponsored by the Associated Students Organization. The event I attended featured the Belrose Duo. The duo consists of David Garrett and his wife Junko Ueno Garrett. David Garrett played the cello and the viola da gamba and Junko Ueno Garrett played the piano. They performed three compositions from two different periods, the Baroque and the Romantic. Garrett performed Sonata V from “L’echo du Danube,” Op.9 by Johannes Schenk on the viola da gamba. The composition consisted of six movements. Junko Ueno Garrett performed Nocturne Op. 27 No.2 in D flat Major and Nocturne Op.9 No. 3…show more content…
Unlike somber tones of the previous four, the fifth movement consists of a livelier tone that is celebratory. For its final movement, it returns back to the original tone and tempo. Except for the fifth movement, the composition held a unity of mood. Because the piece was a non-religious sonata, it is an example of a sonata da camera. After Garrett finished his piece on the viola da gamba he walks back behind the curtain. Junko Ueno Garrett walks onto the stage and introduces herself then the piano. She explained how the piano has a broader range compared to the viola da gamba in terms of dynamics and tempo. She then went on to briefly discusses the composer Fryderyk Chopin and she explained that most of Chopin’s compositions contain a nostalgic tone. The first piece she performed was Nocturne Op.27 No.2 in D flat major. The composition began with an andante tempo creating a nostalgic tone for the piece and remained pianissimo for a brief moment and shifted to moderatto as she began to include trills and arpeggios. Unlike the viola da gamba, the dynamics of this piece included crescendos and decrescendos. Because the piece consisted of multiple crescendos, the ornamentation was easier to identify. As it approaches its coda the dynamics changed to decrescendo until it reached pianissimo to conclude the piece. The second solo piece Garrett performed was another composition by

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