On The Sidewalk Bleeding Analysis

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On The Sidewalk Bleeding Essay When you come close to death you think about many things, who would fill your job? Where would your dog go? Most importantly, you would probably think about your family. In this short story, a character named Andy, gets stabbed in the middle of an alley. In the short story, On The Sidewalk Bleeding, the author, Evan Hunter describes how it would feel to be dying alone in a cold, dark alleyway. Andy is walking to the store, when suddenly, he gets stabbed in an alleyway. This happens all because of the jacket he is wearing. Evan Hunter used symbolism in his story, "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" to convey the theme of not judging a book by its cover.

Andy's, jacket and the words on the jacket, in the beginning of the story symbolizes violence. In the beginning of the story the narrator said, “He wore a bright purple silk jacket” (1). The only reason Andy got stabbed is because he was wearing the purple jacket. The purple jacket shows that Andy belongs to a gang. In the middle of the story, the boy, who finds Andy in the alley, sees the words on Andy's jacket, and ends up walking away from Andy not helping him. The boy saw THE ROYALS on the jacket then. He turned to the girl and said, “He's a Royal,” (5) he said. This shows that the boy was weary of what Andy's jacket said so he walked away from Andy and didn't help him. If the boy would've stayed then Andy might have lived. Towards the middle of the story, Andy realizes that life is worth living and it's not all like he thought.

Andy starts to rethink if becoming a royal was worth it, and doesn't want to die in the way that he did. Andy is thinking negative thoughts and losing hope. "He watched people passing. The world didn't know he was alive." (8) People see Andy laying in the ground, but they see his jacket and what it represents, danger. In the story, the cop judges the way Andy died and seen him as a bad person. "The cop put the jacket over his arm. He took out his black pad. He opened it to a blank page. “A Royal,” he said." (10) Since this happened it explains how people see others when they judge a book by its cover. People judge a book by

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