On The patio poem extrapolation essay

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On The Patio Poem Extrapolation

Peter Redgrove was born in a middle class family in Kingston. As a child he got a microscope as a present and because of this he got a scholarship to Cambridge for science. Although he was deeply disturbed and was found to suffer from schizophrenia. He attempted to have Deep Insulin Coma Therapy, a shock treatment for the disease, he had around sixty treatments but it was unsuccessful and gave him visions and he also lost interest in science, so he turned to poetry instead. After working on poetry for about a year he started being published by newspapers. At the age of 22 he married Barbara and had four children with her. Normally he drank heavily and once had an affair with one of his colleague’s wife.
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There are two examples of alliteration including, “Fly into the glass of swirl, and slop”, and “The cloud crushed into a glass”. All through the poem Redgrove uses symbolism in the rain and the storm to show sadness or depression.
When I began to interpret the meaning of this poem the biggest thing that stands out is the storm and the rain which could mean that the narrator is depressed or very sad. I think in this poem the narrator drinks a lot and is under the influence of alcohol. In the beginning of the poem he talks about an overflowing wineglass although all of the wine either spilled out or he drank it all but considering he is drunk I would assume that he drank it all. When you combine the alcohol with being depressed is what the feeling of the poem really is. Through the poem the narrator talks about his drinking and how his depression is consuming him. Depression is when you’re feeling really sad about your life or something in your life. In the middle of the poem it says “Over the table’s scales of rust, Shining like chained sores” which would mean that the drinking is an old habit and he has been following the pattern of getting drunk and being depressed for a long time. Rust forms when water continuously sits on a table and the more the water the more the rust forms so that would represent how often he gets drunk and depressed with the depression continues to
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