On Thin Ice: Polar Bears

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On Thin Ice Polar bears, while cute and adorable, serve a large purpose. Every single year their populations are dwindling. We must do all that we can to ensure that they reach extinction. Losing these animals would make a large impact on our world that we cannot afford. Our world hangs in a balance that would be disturbed if the polar bear went extinct. There are nineteen subpopulations of polar bears. Eight of those populations are declining, and it it is estimated that many more will follow. There are only 20,000-25,000 left in their natural habitats due to various factors. One of these reasons is the climate change. Because of the increase in temperature, the arctic ice is shrinking. Greenhouse gases are the main cause for the melting ice which is getting smaller about ten percent every decade. The lack of ice is causing many animals to lose valuable land. Polar bears mainly live in Canada, but also live in Russia, Maritola, and Alaska. This land is melting and they are losing their habitats. While their name, Ursus Maritimus, means sea bear, and they can swim about six miles per hour for up to sixty miles, they do need to rest. Polar bears rely on ice caps to rest and to hunt on. Ice loss means longer distance they need to travel before resting and hunting. Ice is the primary way polar bears hunt, using openings in the ice to hunt seal. They wait for seals to come up for breath, and then dinner is served. However, without ice their method is useless. This causes
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