On This Assignment I'M Going To Be Referring To Poverty,

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On this assignment I 'm going to be referring to poverty, since it leads down different roads. Poverty can lead to health issues, lack housing, of income, employment, malnutrition, lack of education and many more that will be explained on this paper.

If it is true that the world has progressed proportionally more in the last fifty years than in history, less is not the fact that inequality between the Nations is one of the characteristics that best define the contemporary world. This phenomenon means, above all, large differences exist between peoples in access to basic goods and services, and is a consequence of economic processes which, with different results, have experienced in recent decades. Some recent studies seem to show
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This methodology makes it possible to detect critical poverty, and within it extreme poverty. The critical poverty line is determined based on the total cost of the consumer basket, which includes food, housing, health, clothing and other expenses. The extreme poverty line considers only food costs. Relative poverty treats that it is relative of cities, fields, countries, geographical situations, and so on. For example, poverty in the Sahara Desert is different from poverty in the mountains of Constance, or the city of Switzerland, Norway or Sweden. In that sense, each society, each country, or each "modus vivendi" has a level or channel of poverty, seeing it from the point of view of the relativity of things. Within this poverty we can subdivide it into several significant factors to evaluate such levels and standards.
Poverty of Services Indigence of services is the situation that can be suffered by the inhabitants of homes that have the three basic services: Water, Drainage and Electricity, below the "subjective" rules. We cite subjectively because they are distanced from reality and standards, because in underdeveloped nations we will always lack one or two at the same time, or gradually.

Social Security Poverty It is one of the most "relative" types

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