On This Prepare I Will Talk About Uber And The Sharing

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On this prepare I will talk about Uber and the sharing Economy. How Uber and sharing economy has connect and how the Uber company benefiting from this economic system. Also, I will try to discuss about greater worker flexibility and worker insecurity. What make us to claimed that Uber has a magnificent work flexibility and worker insecurity or does it add to a climate of worker insecurity? Or does it do both? If both, what is the predominate effect of Uber on workers? Is Uber’s ‘market-based’ model fair to consumers? Is it an effective way to eliminate market inefficiencies or is it a cash grab (or, again, both)? In the Uber. In addition to this how this Uber business have a positive and negative effects on other transportation system…show more content…
This motivates more driver[s] to work than the other time[s] we see drivers out the rode, but it reduces the number of passengers and the passenger prefer other ways of transportation such as Taxi, Lyft, Sidecar… etc. Uber share ride become popular so quick because decrease the price for the fair of services and have easy access for the customer helped to increasing demand and helped the business to earn massive amount of money in brief period. Checking the profile of the drivers before requesting for ride and give their rate after the ride make passenger feel safe than entering the care of a completely unknown driver and this make Uber preferable than traditional taxi ride and give a better chance for Uber to be preferably transportation system than the other one. The term "sharing economy" began to appear in the early 2000s, as new business structures emerged due to the Great Recession [ok, but the Great Recession took place in the late 2000s]. Sharing economy is often used to describe economic and social activity involving online transactions, including using information technology to provide individuals with information that enables the optimization of resources through the mutuallization of excess capacity in goods and

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