On Time Delivery Case Study Essay

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Case Summary
As stated in the case study of “ On-Time Package Delivery”, the first year of business was successful, bringing in revenue and steady customer need in the market for the service. Customers were many big firms and businesses in large cities. Also, they emphasis the importance of their employees, especially their sales force. The sales force is not only responsible for generating business and relationships with customers; they are the face of the company. These are the representatives that customers deal with directly and voice their opinions to. The next category of the sales force of On-Time is the Key Account Managers. They are responsible for the big accounts in the company, such as corporate accounts. The company became in
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It may be that you will only be competing directly against some of these because you will be targeting a particular segment of the market or offering services which are hard to find elsewhere”( Market Research- Estimating Demand, 2012).
Problems within On-Time Jacobson first consulted Dan Gunther who was in charge of the Boston Division. Jacobson consulted Gunther due to his fifteen-year experience with the company. He figured he would have the best insight to the sales were stagnant because of his wisdom and experience. Jacobson found out that the flat sales of the Boston branch was due to the irrational/unreasonable demands of their client. Then he contacted the Philadelphia branch. Carol Klein, the key account manager, told Jacobson that the reason of her flat sales was due to personal reasons that were going on in her life. She was having issues juggling her stressful job and taking care of her family as well. Although this is a valid excuse of something that many people struggle with, it should not be negatively affected her work performance. The next sales representative that Jacobson consulted was Mike Wagner in Washington DC. Wagner claimed that he is having a hard time on finding information regarding the present condition of the competition in the market, making it harder for him to compete with the others. This is not only Wagner’s fault for not doing the research, but also upper management’s fault for not informing the employee’s of how to compete with
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