On-Time Package Delivery

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Case 2: On-Time Package Delivery

Michael Bushmann

Erika Thompson

Jocelyn Russell

Katlin Eason

Mark Hogan

MKT 452- Sales Management

November 14, 2012

Overall, we felt that Wayne Jacobson – Senior Vice President of Sales performed his responsibilities very well. Furthermore, it was good to see that he was so vested into figuring out the problems of the company. Ultimately, the negative effects that were found could be detrimental to the sales personnel, but further – his position and the company as a whole. Jacobson conducted an effective job analysis by conversing with: current employees/sales staff, managers, and customers. Additionally, Jacobson calling upon local district managers
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This will reduce role conflict

Training will also be a huge factor in solving this issue

Role Ambiguity

Lynn Attaway made the mistake of making a client wait for more than five hours when their package was promised within two hours

This was contributed to lack of information concerning the changes to the Package Expedite Form (PEF) which was sent through email for employees to see


Better communication throughout the work place from management down through all levels


Weekly/monthly meetings where employees can learn and have a better understanding of new technology they will be working with.

Mike Wagner recently visited First Call Medical Centers where he heard that Gold Package Delivery Services was offering similar services for a lower cost

Could not give them an answer as to why OTPD’s costs were so much higher

Felt he did not have adequate information on the competition



Someone else’s insight would have been beneficial in this instance just so he wouldn’t seem so uninformed when talking with clients

On the job training

Closer supervision

This will reduce role ambiguity

Work-Family Conflict


Role Conflict: Some employees may become unsure about how they want to spend most of their time and what is most important.

Employers should be concerned about their employees plateauing.

Carol Klein, Key Account Manager in Philadelphia, “I find myself being torn
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