On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, I Attended The Jmu Diversity

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On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, I attended the JMU Diversity Conference held at Festival. I attended the workshop titled, “Engaging With Black Lives Matter and Supporting Our Communities.” Originally, I was thinking this workshop was going to be a small group discussion of how to bring the movement Black Lives Matter into our JMU community. This was indeed the case, but there was also more to it. This discussion was led by three librarians, who work on displays that are put up around the two libraries. These displays usually have a topic that is based off of what is brought up as important to the committee. This specific time it was the movement “Black Lives Matter”, where the display read, “Understanding Black Lives Matter: This is not a…show more content…
The replies were mostly positive and many people commended the libraries for the work they did.
The workshop ended with people giving ideas of the next steps to take, how to bring this conversation/organization to light throughout JMU, and what can be done with the next displays in the libraries. Also, people were very appreciative of the work they were doing to bring this topic up and not stray away despite the defacing.
In Social Work, the importance of human relationships and the dignity and worth of a person are two of the six core values. Black Lives Matter fits in both of these values. Black Lives Matter and the displays put up by the libraries are acts that show that the black race is one of importance. That they have value, despite what some of the world may say. That they are not just grouped into a group with ALL, but are their own unique race. They have had different experiences and still do. Also, the fact that they are WORTHY to have their own rights. That they are seen as special.
Moving on, this topic can also help a company write an inclusive grant proposal. This can be accomplished through showing that being educated on a topic before writing or proposing a grant will help greatly. In other words, just as being well-informed on, “why not all lives”, shows that in a grant proposal there may be areas that we are lacking in or make a mistake in. Being more educated helps us to make better decisions and more

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