On an Adventure

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One day Mo the fox had a brilliant idea.

“I’m going to go on an adventure.”

It was one of those cool spring mornings with the birds singing in the trees and the grass wet with dew. It was the perfect morning for an adventure.

So Mo packed a day bag and set out. On the way she ran into her brother Finley.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“On an adventure.” She replied.

“To the forest?”


“The mountains?”


“The river?”

“I don’t know!” Mo said impatiently because she was ready to explore the world. “I was planning on walking along the garden path until I got to the end.”

Finley laughed at that. “It’s just rubbish at the end. But may I come with you?”


So Mo and Finley walked down the long garden path--beautiful spring flowers stretching tall and swaying on each side of them, the heads of vegetables and the beginnings of herbs, it was a wonderful smell.

Suddenly, they heard an angry, “Squeee!!!”

“Pig.” they both said in fear. They hugged each other and shivered.

The bushes in the distance started trembling. The ground started trembling too. Then they saw a dark round shadow and heard snorts, very loud snorts. They really wanted to run but they were too frightened and now they were at the edge of the garden path. It was an open field with a pile of rubbish in the center just like Finley had said.

Addy, the lone wolf was walking around the field.

The fox siblings were scared and didn’t know if they should run from the wolf or the pig when they
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