On the Concept of National Community

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The piece On the Concept of National Community by Cesar Adib Majul simply discusses about Dr. Jose Rizal’s analysis in his community during his time and his analysis about it too. The piece mainly discusses about the basic defects that can be observed, that is traceable to the Filipinos. First, the defects of their educational training at home and in the schools and second is the lack of the national sentiment. As you go further on the piece, you’ll find yourself discovering how Dr. Jose Rizal tried to make the Filipinos understand what “national sentiment” is and how its absence affects the society Filipinos are into. How he tries to develop it in each and every Filipino through his writings for he believed that its development might …show more content…
Injustice still lingers in our country and it seems that it does not stop. If only one could let himself involved and does not let himself outranked its personal interest and comfort to the social society it would have been a very different society, different story for all of us. Thirdly, the lack of national sentiment brought about “the absence of any initiative in whatever may redound to its good (the peoples)”. The character who vividly portrayed this was Señor Pasta in El Filibusterismo he was in position to do something for what could contribute; it was believed, to the ultimate betterment of Filipino society. But he considered the whole project as one involving personal risks and he was afraid of reprisals from vested interests. However, it is more important to note that Señor Pasta was a man who used to work for himself and who did not have the conception of other interests more general and socially more important than his own particular or personal ones. This is again observed until now. How each people ignore their chances to participate on something which could lead to social improvement.
There are lots of things that the piece discussed but these are the things that caught my attention. Sad to say but the national sentiment Dr. Jose Rizal wants each Filipino to develop or to have hasn’t been absorbed yet. These dilemmas that he has seen and does
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