On the Incarnation

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The Trinity is made up of God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This concept is what many Catholics believe in, but other worldwide religions believe in other beliefs. Out of all the three Divine Persons, “Jesus is the most qualified to bring the renewal of creation because it was through him that creation came into being” (Pohle February 7th). We as humans will have to face the consequences for actions that we have done in the past, present and future. Jesus has come into the world as a human to show his dignity and save us from sin; he was the world and of all creation. As we come to read more about Jesus we get to know Jesus more, we learn about what he did, how he did it and why he had to do these saving actions. In the…show more content…
We can see this through the “word of God thus this acted consistently in assuming a body and using a human instrument to vitalize the body” (Athanasius 36). We can also see Jesus in the beginning of time as a human being our light to guide us on our ways, being out creation, and most off all bringing creation into the world. This is seeing by “in the beginning, nothing as yet existed at all, all that was needed, therefore, in order to bring all things into being, was that his will id do so should be made signified” (Athanasius 35) thought his words and actions. Jesus created the world in seven day, “sun, moon, heaven, stars, water, air, none of these had swerved from their order, but knowing the world as their maker, their king, remained as they were made” (Athanasius 34). When talking about the stars, sun, and moon, this is referring to the fourth day and water; which was creation on the second day in the Creation story. When talking about the creations story, Jesus did not only create the creatures and earth but he also created heaven. A place where we will go when have died and have been cleansed from all sins we have committed. His passion, death, resurrection, ascension is called the Paschal Mystery. Jesus passion referring to the Agony in the garden, his trial, and the suffering he went through during his life time. The death of Jesus happened during his crucifixion
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