On the Incarnation

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Religion is a time old method used universally to express beliefs and help us understand some mysteries of life before time, in the present, and the future life, or afterlife. Although, it is not that simple to comprehend. Over time, it has morphed and evolved into ideas and traditions completely different from what was previously known and taught. One of the biggest changes of all time in religious history was brought about when Jesus Christ, Son of God, became flesh here on Earth. Not only did this bring change, but it also caused many conflicts and doubts. In the book On The Incarnation Saint Athanasius resolves some of these issues and heresies by providing counter arguments to prove Jesus’ full humanity and divinity. He discusses…show more content…
He who healed others could not just fall sick (Pohle 2/17). “Christ on the cross was God, and that all creation was His slave and was bearing witness by it’s fear to the presence of it’s Master” (Athanasius 20). For the argument of His full divinity Athanasius says, “What man that ever was, for instance, formed a body for himself from a virgin only? Or what man ever held so many diseases as the common Lord of all? Who restored that which was lacking in man’s nature or made one blind from birth to see?” (Athanasius 49) So you see, what human could do any of that? The people of that time’s ancient gods could not even come close to miracles of that magnitude. “In old times the whole world and every place in it was led astray by the worship of idols, and men thought the idols were the only gods that were. But now all over the world men are forsaking fear of idols and taking refuge with Christ...” (Athanasias 46). Jesus brought about nullification of the traditions of old times such as worship of idols, as Athanasius spoke about, use of oracles, ancient gods and heroes, demons, magic, and wisdom of greeks. Not all were convinced of our great and powerful God though and claimed that theirs were superior. They couldn’t win the argument. They say their gods can make people drunk, ours can teach temperance. Theirs can cause sickness, ours can heal diseases. Demons cast in by their gods were cast out by ours. Death caused by other gods was no match for how God defeated death.
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