On the Matter of Hell

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Paul J. Bonham Dr. Tiffany Adams EN 211 13 November 2015 The Collective Inferno: A Look into Dante and Others’ Views on Hell Though for some a subject far too heavy to be spoken of but in hushed tones, Hell has been the topic of much debate and speculation by theologians and philosophers, both Christian and otherwise. They have pondered such questions as whether or not hell is a real place, and if so whether it is divided into different sections or if it is one homogenous lake of fire. Even for those who may not believe in Hell, the idea of a place of eternal torment as punishment for ones’ sins is a fascinating one. It causes one to contemplate the nature of sin and humanity, whether some sins are worse than others, and if so, does…show more content…
However, in the original Hebrew writings, the usage of “hell” in these verses refers to “sheol,” or the grave. “The Greek word for hell, genna, occurs only 11 times in the Bible, none of which refer to a place under the Earth. In fact, all the references to under the Earth refer to either sheol (Hebrew) or its Greek equivalent (Hades).”(Deem) Perhaps, then, damnation does not take place in the center of the earth. Either way, such was the belief of many in the Christian and political world throughout Europe, as seen in the Inferno. Whether or not certain sins are more grievous than others, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) Eternal torment of any degree is undesirable, and can be avoided through repentance and acceptance of Christ’s grace. However, it is a worth topic of study, and helps us as we are to find meaning in God’s word, and the writings of Classical authors such as Dante. Lastly, it aids in refining our meaning of sin and helping us to improve our morality, a daunting task for believers and skeptics
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