On the Road Essay

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On the Road

On the Road, by Jack Kerouac was considered to be the first “beat” novel.
The lifestyle of beats is explained as going against mainstream norms. The two main characters in the novel Dean and Sal both go against normal society. On the Road was written during a time when mainstream society was in to materialistic possessions. The average person was concerned with having a good paying job and raising a family in the suburbs. Beatniks had the complete opposite goals in life then the average person. Beats wanted to be different and not be tied down to a signal job for the rest of their lives. They believed that mainstream society were slaves to the system. Dean and Sal lived their life one day at a time not
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Dean is portrayed as a conman although; Deans’ friends do not mind his conning ways. “He was simply a youth tremendously excited with life, and though he was a con-man. He was conning me and I knew it (for room and board and how to write), and he knew I knew (this has been the basis of our relationship), but I didn’t care and we got along fine-no pestering, no catering; we tiptoed around each other like heartbreaking new friends (p4).” Dean also, went against common culture at that time by traveling and working at odd jobs for small amounts of money to stay alive. Dean worked wherever he could to make money for food and his travel expenses. When he was visiting Sal in New York he got a job a car garage. To most people they would think that a job working in a garage and parking peoples’ cars is embarrassing. Dean bragged about being the best garage attendant and felt no shame in the low skilled employment. To
Dean it was all about the different experiences and new things he learns going through life. Sal is a lot like Dean he to likes to be different and not follow normal society. An example is his method on which he traveled to the west coast. Since Sal did not have a car or enough money to take a bus he relied on the dangerous method of hitchhiking. He found it exciting to not know how he was going to make it to San Francisco. He also, liked talking with new and different people. “The

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