On the Waterfront Timeline

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On The Waterfront. 1. - Joey Doyle gets murdered. (pushed off a roof) * Terry gets questioned by the waterfront commissioners about Joey’s murder. * A church gathering (including dockworkers) is held to find out who murdered Joey. Terry is sent by Johnny to rat them out. * Terry hits on Edie (Joey’s sister) * Edie wants Terry to help her find Joey’s murderer. But he is partly to blame. * The cops tell Terry to testify in court. Terry is reluctant and doesn’t want to be a ‘pigeon’. * Charley tells Terry to stop seeing Edie. * Kayo Dugan tells the cops 39pages of Johnny’s plans. Due to father Barry’s influence to speak up. * Kayo gets killed by cargo on the docks for dobbing to the cops by Johnny’s…show more content…
5. Terry is partly a victim of circumstance due to being around the wrong people and not being smart. He was involved with the murder of Joey, because he raced pigeons with Joey and had a connection to get him on the roof top, which Johnny took to his advantage. 6. Edie is drawn to Terry because she feels he needs her help and needs someone to care for him, being a teacher in training has touched this side of her. She engages in a relationship with Terry even though he is involved with her brothers murder because she feels he can help solve who actually killed Joey, and can see past the whole situation. 7. Edie changes Terry to grow and develop more, terry changes Edie by showing her more of the way people actually live not just in books. 8. Father Barry is a catalyst in the film sue to him influencing others to speak up and dob on Johnny Friendly for Joey’s murder and to stand up for themselves, but Father Barry doesn’t actually act upon change just influences it by convincing people. 9. Charley and Terry are different in how charley is educated and is a part of a gang/business that involves smart thinking, Terry is rather dumb, and does what Charley tells him to most of the time, he was a good boxer. They are similar in how they both think of how to survive for the best. They both follow the rules until the times changed. 10. Johnny had a hard time growing up and worked his way up the chain to run his own business, he
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