Once Aboard The Lugger By Thomeas Qiller- Couch

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In the early days, the role of woman has been confined by a man because their jobs are to get marry, have children, and most depend on their husbands. The men in the early society had bigger roles than women. Therefore, women has to base themselves on and listen to their men. However, in the story “Once Aboard The Lugger,” author Thomeas Qiller- couch presents an intense image of a woman who makes change in woman’s role in the early society. Nance Trewartha, a daughter of a fisherman in Ruan, wants to marry a minister Samuel from Troy. She has fond on him and starts to wonder how would be like if Samuel is her husband. With her lovingness and braveness, she kidnaps Samuel and start to reverse a women role in the courtship. Surprisingly, Nance pursues Samuel by isolating him, and she changes the patterns of courtship, culture, and class. At first, Samuel comes to town, and he is an attractive guy that many girls want to marry him. All the girls was talking about class status in society and find a perfect candidate for Samuel. “ ‘There’s Sue Tregraine. She’ll have more money than either, when her father dies.’ ‘What, marry one o’ Ruan!’... ‘Her father’s is a ship builder… he might so well keep crab pots, for all the chance she’ll have.’” Nance heard that from them. “She was well aware of her social inferiority: but –the truth may be told—she chose to forget it in that morning, and to wonder what this young man would be like a husband.” This is an evidence show that Nance…

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