Once More Of The Lake

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“Once More to the Lake” is a short essay written by E.B. White for his column in the New Yorker, One Man’s Meat. “Once More to the Lake” is a story about a father who is taking his son to his childhood vacation spot. On the trip, the father finds himself inside the memories of his past. Throughout the trip, the father finds differences in the lake from when he was a child. While much of E.B. White 's essay is set in the present, the author explores his own mortality as he looks both to the past and to the future. Elwyn Brooks White was born on July 11, 1899, in Mount Vernon, New York, and died in 1985. Throughout his lifetime, White had traveled to many places and held several jobs ranging from reporter to army private. He became a multifaceted writer but primarily wrote style manual, fiction, poetry, and children’s literature. Throughout his life, White was surrounded by many other talented writers including Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, and Stephen Leacock. White wrote the well-known children’s stories Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. Many of White’s works were accomplished with the help of his wife, former editor, Katharine Angell. “Once More to the Lake” was published in 1941 along with many other works on which he and Katharine had collaborated. The year 1941 was the onset of World War II in America. Other countries had been at war for some time. In 1941, however, the war became increasingly eminent for Americans. E.B. White did not slow down his writing during
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