Essay about Once More to the Lake and The Ring of Time

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In E.B. White’s essays, “Once More to the Lake “and ‘The Ring of Time”, he demonstrates two different interpretations of time and how time is used to symbolize meaning in each piece. “Once More to the Lake” is an essay that is derived mostly from White’s personal experience while “The Ring of Time” is an essay that mostly examines a teenage girl performing at the circus, in the eyes of White. Both these essays give the reader insight of how the author uses the theme of time to show different aspects to the storyline. In White’s essays, he uses similar strategies that reflect on the past and foresee the future, use other individuals as vehicles to access an alternative temporality, and demonstrate his own perceptions and visions in order to …show more content…
He uses this strategy to explore the notion of time by not discussing something that has actually occurred, but simply living in the present and visualizing--foreseeing the future-- all because of what he sees right in front of him. The young girl wearing high-heels and wearing makeup makes her appear as a grown woman; therefore, he visualizes her as a grown woman. By looking into the future, White views time as an interval in which change occurs. Even though, in reality it has not been twenty five years into the future, within just a few weeks, there was a change in the girls’ appearance. The change in her appearance made White get the impression that “it has been so long since he’s been here” or “a lot has changed over the past few weeks”. In “Once More to the Lake,” White’s father rents a camp on a lake in Maine, where “none of them ever thought there was a place in the world like it” (1). He still remembers “returning summer after summer—always on August 1st for one month” (White, Once More to the Lake 1). He decides to take along his son along. One thing he does not remember are the tarred roads which, when returning, he noticed “the tar; it led to within half a mile of the shore…and that beyond any doubt that everything was as it always had been, the years were a mirage”(White, Once More to the Lake 1-2). White makes the man appear as a different character in
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