Once Upon A Time

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Once Upon A Time Charles sat on the edge of his bed early that morning, his feet grazed lightly against the cold wooden floor beneath him, and his large wrinkled hands covered his aging face. Small rays of light began to peek in announcing the arrival of morning. Dropping his hands from his face he sighed in exhaustion. Rising to his feet, he grabbed the clothes that lay across his lap before setting off towards the bathroom. In the bathroom he grasped the old rusty nobs of the shower. He twisted them and was met with the sound of running water. The sound was hypnotic; he stood in a daze for minutes just listening to the clatter of the trickles hitting the porcelain. It reminded him of the night he asked for Freddie’s hand in marriage.…show more content…
They would never make their reservation, and to make matters worse it started pouring down raining. With no other choice but to walk back, Charles walked next to Freddie, the pair of them sopping wet from the torrent of falling rain. He had apologized to her every other minute on their long trek back home. Her broad smile from one ear to other was glued into his memory. Her eyes gleamed as bright and clear as the moon on a starry night, even with her hair droopy across her face makeup smeared face. She just smiled at him as he stumbled over his words, kicking at the muddy road and cursing up at the sky. She had been virtually unfazed by the failed car, the failed dinner, and the failed weather. The smile that graced her face was as if she had been having the best night of her life. That’s when he had picked up the courage to do it. There in the pouring rain, in the middle of that muddy road, with no car, no dinner, and no surprise ring in the soup, he got down on one knee. Looking up at her, with droplets of rain stinging his eyes and cascading all around them, he asked her the question that would forever change his life. Now he could almost listen to the sound of falling water for hours. He had to constantly remind himself that there were things that needed to be done, if he did not do them no one would. Taking a towel in hand, he placed it into the warm waters sloshing soap onto it until it became foamy. He brushed the towel lightly against
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