Oncology : Beating Cancer One Day At A Time Essay

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Oncology: Beating Cancer One Day at a Time It is a world epidemic, “the second leading cause of death in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease.”(CDC, Statistics for Different Kinds of Cancer). Bringing not only physical dame but as well as psychological damage. I’m speaking of course on cancer. Cancer affects the lives of millions on this world. One day you might see a cancer patient high in spirits, feeling great to be alive, while he next day you may see them broken asking themselves, why are they alive. Oncologist are a group of medical professionals that lead the fight against cancer. Working day in and day out, as they work with the patient, to prevent, to treat, to find a cure for. They are the heros of the world, even with fatal losses on their watch, they still come back more determined to save the world from this epidemic. This career path proves to be beneficial in this world to not only impact lives to keep on fighting, it even helps save lives physically and spiritually. This is why I have chosen this career. It is urgent to obtain knowledge of the oncologist career path, understanding its origin, requirements to be one, outlook and even overall description of the job. For as the reader, this information might contribute to your opinion on the necessity of this career. Oncology: The job Oncologist works at least 30 hours a week according to the Medscape Oncologist Compensation Report: 2012 Report (Medscape). They perform a high amount of tasks

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