Oncology Nurse Research Paper

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When I was younger I wanted to be a police officer or a nurse.I could not pick between the two. They both had things I wanted in a career. Police officers and Nurses both have relationships with people, they help others, and they are exciting jobs. I did not know what career I would choose until two years ago my uncle passed from pancreatic cancer. While it was a sad time it also made me choose what I wanted in life. I wanted to be a nurse. As I spent time with my uncle I saw the relationship that was shared with the nurses. One of the main factors I am looking for in a career is people connection. I have developed a lot of relationships with my regular customers that come into Subway. As I get to know more people I realize how much I enjoy getting to know people and what they have been through in life therefore, I knew that being nurse would be perfect for me.…show more content…
Oncology has always interested me and always will. Working in Oncology means you need to be there for the patient physically and emotionally but I plan to also be their for the family as well.Althoug being an Oncology Nurse can become upsetting, I know I can handle it and I hope to brighten my patients mood in their darkest times. Being a nurse is more than helping a patient become better. Being a nurse is being supportive, helpful, caring, and healing your patient. One of the greatest things I have been asked is, "Can you handle being the only thing between your patient and death?". My answer was and still is absolutely. Being a nurse can be stressful and hard but seeing someone healthy and smiling means more to me than fear. My career goals are set in my mind and now I have to carry out the steps to succeed. With that being said, I have never been more
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