One Belt One Road : A Large Scale, Profound, And Interrelated Revolution Essay

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“ One Belt One Road ” -- From reshaping economic geography of China to Reshaping Economic Geography of world The essence of "One belt one road" is building a large-scale, profound, and interrelated revolution of Reshaping Economic Geography. "World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography" from World Bank 's first proposed the idea of a significant development in the 21st century, which based on the new economic geography theory, new trade growth theory, the new theory of economic growth in the to reshape the economic geography of the world. Economic geography presents three characteristics: density, distance, and division. Density refers to the total economic output per unit of land; Distances applies to goods, services, labor, capital, information and ideas that ease through space; Segmentation means the limiting factor that are goods, capital, people and knowledge flow between countries and regions. The changes in this economic geography are still the underlying conditions of developing countries and regional economic development success so that they should be promoted and encouraged. "one belt one road " is the abbreviation from "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" and “Silk Road Economic Belt." "one belt one road" is throughout Eurasia, Asia-Pacific economic circle connecting the east to the west into the European economic zone. Whether it is for economic development, improving people 's livelihood, or deal with the crisis and speed up the adjustment, many

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