One Branch Of Faith Is Assenting

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One branch of faith is assenting. Comprised of “knowledge, trust, and acceptance,” it is the standard faith that most Christians think about. Thomas Aquinas, the Doctor of the Church, was and is a brilliant theologian. His work, the Summa Theologica, is unmatched in depth and wisdom. Through it, Aquinas wrote a masterful detailed overview of all theology. In the Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas defines this faith as “an infused virtue by reason of which we accept on God’s authority what he has revealed to us” (Nature and Grace, Aquinas). In other words, faith is within us and by it we accept what God has revealed to us.
However, there is another aspect of faith. As Rich Lusk says in his book, Paedofaith: A Primer on the Mystery of Infant Salvation and a Handbook for Covenant Parents:
Faith therefore here means a confident personal relatedness of the heart of Jesus which can exist without a detailed and articulated understanding of what is and must be unfolded in the proclamation of the gospel...This state of affairs leads to an intensification of the concept of faith in the case of children on account of the fact that it here means a relatedness to Christ, a trust in the person of Christ behind which the individual and utterable elements of the deposit of faith recede. Even for adults, there obtains in principle no other way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for children and infants: faith in Jesus. (qut Gottfried Hoffmann by Lusk ii-iii)
This beautiful statement

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