One Can Agree That The Education Of Children Is Vital.The

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One can agree that the education of children is vital. The education of young girls is particularly underestimated, unequal, and is deemed unrelated to the success of the community lived in and the everyday lives young girls live. When this nonchalant perspective of young girls education is taken, it puts the community at a disadvantage. A supportive organization helps keep these girls in school, allows them to grow indefinitely, and stimulates the economy in which these girls live in. When the education of young girls is taken seriously, the family, community, and global personale sees the impact it will have. When the proper steps are taken, the educational system for young girls will grow and allow for the community to burst because…show more content…
Having girls under the age of twenty getting married instead of getting an education is not okay and can be felt through the emotions of this article. The second article by Chima F. Madu named Why We Should Support Girls’ Education agrees with this statistic when Youth, V. O. (2013) states “Child marriage – in some cases involving girls as young as 6 or 8 – almost always results in the end of a girl’s schooling. The result is illiterate or barely literate young mothers without adequate tools to build healthy, educated families. On average, for every year a girl stays in school past fifth grade, her marriage is delayed a year. Educated girls typically marry later, when they are better able to bear and care for their children.” (para.5) A girl who is pregnant versus a girl getting an education has a large gap between the two. The girl who pursues an education is able to be self sufficient, know how to read and write, and is lessens the chance of her being taken advantage of. The girl who is married and has children can only do so much for her children because she is uneducated herself. When one educates a mother, the mother educates her children and in return can educate a village. When looking at the pathos in the articles of educating young girls, it can be all about the well being and stability of those who are uneducated compared to those who are educated. Both articles portray the want to put

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