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The one child policy was established in China in 1979 because the population was growing extremely fast. The one child policy is a law that prevents families from having more than one child. It only applies to the Han Chinese ethnic group, which makes up 90% of the Chinese population. Sibling-less parents are allowed to have two children. Some Chinese people are in favor of the one child policy (OCP) because their lives were made easier. Other people felt it was not fair to have their rights taken away. I think that the OCP was not a good idea because there’s not enough information to support that it was a good idea. The intention of the OCP was to lower the fertility rate in China and prevent overpopulation. The OCP did lower the…show more content…
Those are still good jobs but they could have better jobs like CEOs or presidents of a company, but those jobs are usually given to men. The article makes it sound so great but if you read in between the lines you notice how there is some discrimination, for a person to learn multiple languages they should have a more important job than a secretary. People’s view on the OCP is biased based on their experience. Document F tells the story of 2 kids that were born under the OCP. One, which was a boy from a rural area, who loved the OCP, the other was a girl who lived in an urban area and didn’t like it at all. The girl said that all the pressure was on her to be the best and she wanted a sibling to share the pressure with. On the other hand, the boy said that if you have siblings your parents would not give you the most they could give you. He said everyone would be average because you would be lacking emotional and financial support. Your parents would have to share whatever they could offer with all their children. I think that is a biased thought because very successful people like Bill Gates, Yao Ming, and Jackie Chan all had siblings and still did good in life. Both the boy and the girl are only thinking on how it affects them and not the future of the country. All in all, I don’t think that the one child policy was a good idea. People should be able to have as many kids as they want or no kids at all. The one child policy wasn’t

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