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Implementation and evaluation of Strategic planning A. One Day Laundry Company I. Case Summary One Day Laundry is a company that recently surpassed its chief competitors to become the largest laundry and dry-cleaning company in Syracuse, New York. The company was merely one of the many neighborhood dry-cleaners, in the Syracuse area 4 years ago. The rapid growth began when the company changed hands in 1966. The owner had then died and his sick wife who couldn’t operate the company anymore has to sell it to two II. Case Objective and Key issues A. Case Objectives 1. To understand the success lying behind a successful business with a large number of competitors 2. To determine long term strategy of a rapidly growing…show more content…
D. Internal Strength a. Employees are trained and treated properly. The training emphasis the importance of good costumer relations. This is a real internal strength because customers will be satisfied with the services, therefor business will be successful. VII. Choice of strategy * Choice (1) Considers only the short run and does not give consideration to One Day Laundry long-range goal. * Choice (2) is consistent with the owners ideas but is not feasible at this point in time and ignores current financial and organizational problems. * Choice (3) may be a real consideration if the current situation continues for any length of time. * Choice (4) is consistent with current current conditions and considers the possibility that starting a franchise could provide One-Day laundry with the flexibility to implement long-term plan and start getting out of debt really soon. IVV. Alternative Strategies A. Stability: the firm should focus on incremental improvement of functional performance. The firm can also increase efficiency and reduce costs in order to counter the current economic slump they are in. B. Growth.: One-Day laundry could expand in the laundry business by opening the franchises which was suggested by Mr. Swain, or could expand horizontally to reduce the impact of the cyclical nature of the laundry business. C. Retrenchment: the firm should focus on functional improvement, especially cost reduction. X.
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