One Day Short Story

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“One Day”
My mother would start the mornings with a “Levantese que hay mucho que hacer”, in translation, “Wake up there is so much to do today”. Every day, the wakeup call was at 5:30 in the morning and it started with a list of chores. Occasionally, we would sleep until 7:30 in the morning on the weekends to more chores and whatever else was on the list. My mother was regimental and the “A” typical Latina mother, very old school. Not a day went by where my brother and me didn’t do chores and helped around the house. Lord forbit that she would have to repeat herself twice on our individual chores. She constantly reminded me that one day I would become a wife and would have to know how to take care of my family, “A man does not like a lazy wife and you would want to stay married to the same man you have exchanged vowels with”, she would say. Seeing that she was remarried two times already, I did not understand why she would expect it from me. None -the-less, I did what I was told and without any galivanting I accomplished every task assigned to me.
Eventually, once my chores were completed, I was asked to help with meal preparations. That was always accompanied with her savvy words, “One day, you will be on your own and
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My expectations for my kids are very similar and I to give them my savvy “One Day” wisdoms. My children now do chores, can cook for themselves, save money and do well in school. I tell them “One day I will not be here to guide you and I am preparing you to be independent men. As your mother I want you to be able succeed in whatever you do. I want you to get good grades and I want you to learn to prepare a meal for yourself and these chores will get you used to a lifestyle of having responsibilities that one day in the future you will
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