One Direction Definition

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The term “ship” has been around for centuries. The literal meaning of a “ship” refers to a cargo that transports people or goods by sea. However, recently the term has become a common word to describe a fantasy romantic relationship.
Today, many teenagers have the obsession to “ship” two people – These people are known as the shipper. Shippers usually surf around the Internet, fangirling over different celebrities and secretly wishing that their favorites would affiliate. For example, many fan girls of the band “One Direction” do not wish to have a relationship with one of the members if given the chance, but instead they would love to see two of the band members date. These shippers will select two of their favorite members and create a “ship name” for them. One of the most popular ship names of One Direction is “Larry” – The ship of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. To popularize the new ship, fans will often write fan fictions base on the two characters and upload them to the Internet.
Shippers exist everywhere, even in our daily lives; they can be our friends, family or even oneself. For instance, a girl might “ship” her close friend with a guy she thinks matches with her girlfriend. Sometimes, friends tend “to ship” each other with their crushes. These ships do not
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Many fans of the Harry Potter Movie love shipping the two main characters: Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. A ship is simply created from one’s imagination that is either impossible or achievable. In Harry Potter’s case, the ship is futile to be accomplished. Shipping is also not limit to heterosexual relationships, and can also be use for homosexual relationship. In reality, there are far more homosexual ships than heterosexual ships. The ship “Larry” is a perfect example of a homosexual ship. Typically, fan girls are more likely and enthusiastic on shipping two of their favorite male
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