One Direction Scholarship Essay

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I find myself in a daze of happiness as I realize what i'm on the brisk of accomplishing. Despite the screams of thousands of drunken women in their 20s in my ears and the cringe-worthy feeling of their sweaty bodies practically compressed on mine, I’m exuberant. Not only am I exuberant in this moment, but i’m also eternally grateful for being as small as I am, without it I probably would not have been able to maneuver myself into the front and center spot at the one direction concert and fulfilled my middle school heart’s biggest desire. To most people, this achievement would seem irrelevant and insignificant, however, If you ever told 12-year-old me that, I might’ve raised hell from beneath me. Now here’s where it all began; Every year that One Direction toured in Chicago, my parents gifted me what I considered the equivalent of life, One Direction concert tickets. Always relatively close to the stage, never close enough. Christmas of 2014 rolled around, when tickets would be inevitably gifted to me. However, when they weren't, my world came crumbling down around me. Luckily for me, my parents bought them in January when the only seats left were floor seats. Winter ended... Zayn left the…show more content…
I ordered a shrimp dish and took the accustomed insults from the employees in strive. My normally audacious personality was only tripled with excitement, my friends could hardly keep up. As we entered the gates to Soldier Field, we were barricades by fans and security, so I awaited jittery in line to show my ticket and get my bag checked. Our seats were on the floor so it took little time and effort to get situated. Looking back, I hardly remember the opening act, my thoughts drowned out the music they performed maybe 30 feet from me. The front section was surrounded by gates and security, a barrier to be
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