One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest

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In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the narrator, Chief Bromden, perceives the Big Nurse as the evil head of the mental institution for a decade because he is “dehumanized to a machine created by the evil Nurse Ratched” (Porter 49), he befriends Mr. Randle McMurphy, or just Mac, and is able to recover back to feeling human emotions. The Nurse, as a matter of fact, is not actually cruel, but just doing her daily duties at the ward. Every single complication, dilemma, and dispute that arises subsequent to McMurphy’s arrival the mental institution are directly from Mr. McMurphy and not the Nurse.
Randle McMurphy is the protagonist in this novel, while the Big Nurse is considered the antagonist and a cruel villain. I beg to differ with Gilbert Porter’s notion, which he published through his book. It seems to me that she was just doing her work at the ward. She keeps everything in a schedule and regulates the patients registered in the ward to follow her strict routine, which is advantageous for the patients because she is an ex-US Army nurse. The way Nurse Ratched works for the ward, “Her whole life was structured and she expects everyone and everything else to be the same way” (Kesey 48) simulates a foolproof plan. Nurse Ratched believes in having a daily structure planned out specifically and having everything organized so nothing is out of order. Her main objective is to get her patients rehabilitated, to the best of her ability, so they are ready to return to society.

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