One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest

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The movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo 's Nest” is based on the experience of a criminal, Randall P. McMurphy who chose to move into a mental institution rather than moving into prison. McMurphy chose to do this because he believed his sentence would be equal to the time he would need to spend in the mental institution. Once McMurphy got to the institution he realized he would not be released into society, but to prison and the time spent in the institution was adding onto his sentence. While in the institution, McMurphy makes a huge impact on both the patients and the institution as a whole. McMurphy challenges the norms and regulations of the institution and encourages the patients to stand up for themselves. McMurphy’s personality provided freedom, life, joy, and the power the individuals in the institution needed to stand up against the strict establishment. McMurphy takes risks, and encourages the patients to embrace. When McMurphy first arrives at the institution, the patients all followed a structure in the institution where interactions with others were limited. The patients were isolated, didn’t interact with one another and each patient had their own daily routine. This society was made up of order and regulations and each patient had a common identity of insanity, seeking medical treatment. McMurphy influences all the other patients and helps to change the society. During his time in the institution, McMurphy develops relationships with the other patients and
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